January 15, 2020

The Big Apple – NYC

I’ve waited what seems like forever to visit NYC. I maintain now though that you want to go when you can afford to do it the way you want to do it. It’s pricey we are talking two cocktails and you’re at $50. It’s quite the place so do it with someone special. 

We headed to New York after our wedding and here are some of the highlights. Use them as inspiration for your trip or just enjoy the ride. You’ll find food here because we ate too much to fit it all in one post .


Probably one of my favourite areas, and technically not New York City but close enough. Dumbo in particular is right up my street, a little bit industrial, quite trendy, lots to see and plenty of tasty food and drink spots. It’s the gate way to the Brooklyn bridge and has lots of cute bits to see like Janes Carousel. The Views are brilliant and there isn’t really anything to dislike.

Williamsburg has some great shops, quirky ones and well known ones. Lots of restaurants and sweet treat places. We Stayed at the Hoxton Williamsburg. A great hotel but the tiniest room, like almost a joke tiny. The roof bar there has the best views and you’re a 5/10 min walk to catch the ferry to the city.

The Met

So many reason to visit. We didn’t actually have enough time to go in although would definitely have loved to. It’s a great walk up to it lots of shops and then not far from the fancy hotels and Central Park. Great for people watching and pretending you’re in Gossip girl.

Central Park and Surrounding

So much to see and do in there. There is even a river cafe. Lots of bits like fountains, statues and the opportunity to visit locations from your favourite films or TV series. It’s absolutely huge. We went in near the Plaza hotel, Name that film. Came out by Columbus Circle and had barely covered any of it. You’ve got hotels round the edge such as the Plaza and The Ritz Carlton. Columbus Circle is a whole host of shops and restaurants not to mention home to Empire hotel, another gossip girl spot. We couldn’t not Visit Blare and Chucks wedding scene location too.

9/11 memorial

I think this is an absolute must. The museum has been done so well. The memorial is beautiful but sad and although an awful part of history something everyone should go and see. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know what they were doing at the moment they heard about the awful events that happened that day.

The Rockerfeller Centre

We were a little early for the Christmas tree but it still felt so Christmasy. You can go up the top of the rock but we had done the Empire State building so didn’t this time. A great area, but super touristy. There are shops and restaurants, ice skating and more. Not to mention Ralphs Coffee truck.

Grand Central

What better place to start your Gossip girl tour. Are you getting the theme? That aside so many films have been set here and it’s so beautiful.

Empire State

Insane views and a great way to see so much of NYC from above. You do have to pay but it’s a definite must. That or the Rockerfeller anyway. You are literally on top of New York it’s brilliant. There are two levels and in and outside viewing decks.

Friends Apartment

If you don’t like Friends then we can’t be friends. Jokes aside if you’re a Friends fan it’s a must. It’s not far from Washington Square Park. I was surprised how quiet and calm it was. I expected it to be over run with people.

Madison Square Park and Flat Iron Building

These are right next to each other. One thing I really liked about New York is the architecture. So many cool buildings. So much to see in general. You’ll be walking by a building and then you’ll be near a park. The squirrels are friendly here and not to mention Shake Shack. Sadly the Flat Iron had scaffolding up during our visit.

Basket Ball Game

I’ve wanted to do this for so many years. So to finally tick of Basket Ball in NYC is amazing. We didn’t quite get the game I was hoping for someone (me) booked a dinner the night of the game I wanted to see. We saw a College Basket Ball game and to be fair it was great so I’m super happy and we saved an arm and a leg and still got nachos with cheese dip. Winning. Madison Square Gardens is crazy, easy to stumble across even if you’re not headed there for a game. Loved it and if you’re into that kinda thing well worth getting tickets. You can book online quite easy here.

Street Art and Bits

So much street art all over NYC and some of it is flipping amazing. A few of my Favourites include Micky Mouse. We wandered past New York Public Library, another amazing looking building. Battery Park is the place to go check out Statue of Liberty. You can get on a ferry, the one we wanted to do wasn’t available so we admired from afar.

Final Thoughts

We had the best time. I even feel like I may have changed Johns mind on New York. He only went for me but has now said he would go back again. We walked over 100,000 steps were absolutely worn out by the end of it but had the best time. There is so much to see and do that you can never fit it into one trip. I’d love to go back, maybe in a warmer month and take things slower and really enjoy places. We did feel like it was get to a place look at it take a picture and move on. My favourite areas were Soho, Tribeca and Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Let me know your favourite spots and I’ll see you in the next one.

Rach xx

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