November 28, 2021

Peloton Bike

After months of debating and weighing up the pros and cons we got Peloton. If you know me well you’ll know exercise has become a big part of my routine, I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. When Covid hit it completely threw my exercise routine and sadly the company I used and loved for classes went into liquidation. Since I had never fully found an alternative that gave me everything I needed. There were classes I loved but the times didn’t quite fit. It was really getting me frustrated. So after lots of research we decided to invest in Peloton. You get a 30 day trial so if it turns out it’s not for you then send it back. Trust me though, you won’t be parting ways.


Peloton bike is a 2 part package. You buy the bike and you buy a monthly subscription. There is no beating around the bush, the bike is not cheap. It starts at £1750. The good news you can get interest free help from Klarna. Klarna works out starting from £45 per month. The subscription is £39 per month. I will be honest you’ll need the shoes as there are no straps on the peddles, you clip in. Although Klarna is available please do not spend beyond your means.

Other bits to bare in mind. Some of the workouts do require equipment, they sell this however I think shop around and see which classes you like first.

The subscription gives you access to live classes + a whole library of classes. Most importantly, it’s not just spin. Obviously the bikes main purpose is spin classes, however you also have boot camp, cardio work outs, strength, barre, yoga and meditation. It really gives you the whole package. The subscription is for the whole family and you can set up your own accounts. It gets to know what you like and which trainers making everything a little bit more customised to you.

Have a friend with Peloton, you can ride with them. There is a leader board so you can see how you rank against other users, if that’s your thing. I don’t think I need any of my friends to see me sweaty and red faced thanks.

The bike comes with a touch screen for you to stream all your classes onto. It does require wifi.


No matter what your fitness there really is something for everyone. You can filter classes to bring up what you like. In each section you have beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can also pick time, you might need short and sharp or you might have all the time in the world. In the strength classes you have the option to pick an area such as abs or arms and so on. Cardio classes tend to focus full body and are in a HIT format. The bike has the option to just cycle or you can join a spin class.

Yoga and Meditation, as with all the class types there are a great mix of classes. I really enjoy yoga with the Deliciously Ella app and so haven’t spent a great deal of time here. Everything is really easy to understand and you can go at your own place if you’re new or really get into. My flexibility isn’t the best so I really like doing it at home without an audience.

Barre is a ballet inspired work out. I’ve only tried a couple and first thoughts are my god the burn but also I’m about as elegant as a bull in a china shop. Thank god know one can see me.


I honestly couldn’t be happier. Apart from the sore bum it gives you the first couple of rides. I like my exercise to fit round my life so the fact I can do it at the exact time I want to is the biggest win. I am loving the spin classes and that was the main reason for it but I am equally loving the other classes and the fact that I now have so much more variety. There is no chance of you getting bored.

It’s always updated as there are several daily live classes across instructors and class type. So you won’t have to wait weeks for new content. It’s constantly giving new.

Cost wise, the bike is a huge lay out but if you look at it on a monthly cost £45 + £39 based on two people as John and I are sharing. Its less than the monthly cost of a decent membership. My classes were £54 per month and other memberships with everything that would suit my needs were £100 plus.

Ultimately you know what works for you and your lifestyle. If you like a quick class in your lunch break then maybe it’s not for you. Similarly if you only like running or lifting heavy weights in a gym it might not be for you. A class format is what I enjoy the most and this offers endless different classes and I can fit it really easily into my life.

Check out packages and so on here and i’d love to hear if you’ve tried Peloton and your thoughts.

Rach xx

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