October 15, 2020

Heritage by Matt Gillan

Heritage has been on the list for a while. A client recommended it and we’d experienced Matt’s cooking when he worked at The Pass at South Lodge so we new we were in for a treat.


Located in Slaugham, Sussex in what was the village pub. Chef is Matt Gillan famous for his dish The Herder on Great British Menu. For pricing booking etc head to their website here. We had a lunch time menu 3 courses for £35 per person. Oh and we sneaked in a cheese course because goats cheese stuffed waffle with honey ice cream, erm yes please.

Food and Drink

The food is with out a doubt delicious and pretty much faultless. It’s served in typical Michelin style. Smaller beautifully presented plates, a few extra additions to tickle your taste buds and create a special dining experience.

The star of the meal for me what the Cray Fish Beignet starter, the flavour was incredible, you really couldn’t fault it. I loved the little bread loaf and that it was a mix of brown and white bread. My pudding surprised me the most, not usually a Panna Cotta fan but this completely changed my mind. Cornflake Panna Cotta with peanut ice cream, peanuts and a peanut brittle, my god pudding heaven.

There is a great selection of wines, cocktails, spirits with mixers and soft drinks. We had a couple of drinks to start and then went onto wine, I had Pinot Noir John had Malbec. Both wines were great, the Malbec just slightly beat it but that’s going to be a personal preference.

Final Thoughts

Heritage really is a great spot for any foodie. We had a lovely time, the food was honestly so delicious and the service was good. In the interest of being honest, it did get a little slow towards the end. If we are getting critical I think the service could be polished a little more to take it up to Michelin Star level, I do however think COVID restrictions hindered things. There was a young lad who occasionally served us who was brilliant the kinda person who can chat to anyone and make you feel really relaxed. I wish I knew his name to tell you. I also like a little background music, however there was a lovely buzz of people chatting and enjoying themselves.

We will 100% go back and If you’re local and want something a little more special then it’s one to check out.

Have you been to Heritage? What did you think, let me know in the comments and I’ll see you in the next post. For more things food check out Fish and Chips on the BlueBell Railway here.

Rach xx

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