July 4, 2018

Brunch at Boston Tea Party

Brunch is one of my favourite meals of the day. Who am I kidding, I love all food. But It’s that in between time where it’s not really breakfast anymore, you can have a lie in and still eat breakfast. Breakfast that’s on steroids though, everything is that bit more exciting than your standard breakfast.

When you’re on a weekend away it’s always a bit tricky to know what’s gonna be good and what’s gonna be a complete let down. When you sniff out a little gem thought it’s always good to share.

Location: Bath

Boston Tea Party

Tea Party?! I mean if the cute name isn’t enough to draw you in the menu should be. It’s a perfect combination of relaxed outrageously tasty food and something for everyone.

You can go boring and safe with egg on toast, or sausage bacon and egg butties. Not that there is anything wrong there but when someone goes adventurous and you played it safe, yeah you know where I’m going. Food Envy. It’s not just brunch available. Some of our party went for lunch options as we were probably closer to lunch time than I cared to admit.

Brunch Food

Sweetcorn hash with halloumi, poached egg, avocado and tomato salsa and tabasco maple syrup was my choice. I know. It was so delicious I could of eaten it again. When I saw maple syrup as part o the combo I thought they were mad but, with those little fried halloumi chunks some how it worked. It was one of those I wanna lick the plate clean and then order it again moments.

Pancakes may have been ordered as well. I made John share them because I was greedy and couldn’t pick. They were great but I hate to say it I’ve had better. I mean that in a nice way, just you know you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten cookies and cream pancakes at IHOP.

John went for chorizo hash, it looked delicious but I can’t deal with mushrooms, they’re like rubbery slugs. He gave it a big thumbs up.

The rest of our party had lunch food and everyone was happy and really enjoyed their choices. Obviously we didn’t all pass our plates round for a share of each so I can’t comment on the rest. Other people also wanna just eat their food, not have it go on a photo shoot, I can only get away with it with John.


There isn’t really a lot to say here, everyone was friendly but it’s a self service kinda place. Worth mentioning for those who don’t want to go up and order their food. I kinda like some of the aspects of this though. You can order when you want. Non of this real quick and pushy or my god I’ve died of starvation waiting. They have self service tap water so, you don’t have to die of thirst waiting or be embarrassed asking for more. Also self service sauces, there is nothing worse than trying to grab someone because they forgot to ask if you wanted anything and then having to wait ages for it.

I like that they put up ‘house rules’, it just gives you a little insight into what they’re about. I loved that things are locally sourced and you’re told where things are coming from. The whole place has a very chilled vibe. It’s rustic and they have a combination of small tables and long sharing tables.

We did discover having a little brows of their website that they have a few locations. So if you don’t live in Bath or have a trip planned, there are other chances to find one. Now if they could just bring one to Brighton please.

Leave me your brunch recommendations in the comments, I’d love to try out your favourites. You can catch my last post here.

Rach xx



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    Looks lush!!!

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