April 23, 2018

Personal Training For Health Exercise Classes

I am so proud to have started Exercising again, I hate the gym, there I said it. I’m a complete foodie but also want to be slim and look and feel good. I want to feel great when I’m in clothes and when I’m looking at myself in the mirror. I’m now at a point of wanting to work out to try and up my game.

So the challenge was to find some fun exercise classes that I hadn’t done before. It had to be something I would find motivating and enjoy. Ok so it’s not enjoyable but as enjoyable as pushing your body to its exercise limits can be. No one can say squats don’t burn, unless you’re not going deep enough.

Personal Training for health

I’ve signed up to Personal Training For Health, you can check them out here. They offer 42 classes a week with a whole range to choose from so there is something for everyone and enough that you won’t get bored. You’ve also got the added bonus of coaching and nutrition via members only online access. Basically you can get as much or as little as you need.

My favourite class, I can not believe I actually have a favourite class, is Kettlersize Combat. I am genuinely loving it. It’s a combination of Kettle bells and combat moves and is quite high energy. I’m not gonna lie to you, it completely wears you out, but I leave with a smile on my face. It’s a complete work out for your whole body and a combination of cardio and weights. After all it’s all good and well burning fat but I know I’m after that perky bum too.

Mike has the most insane amount of energy that will keep you going through any class. The best bit is you don’t have to book, sorry but nobody has time for that. I like to fit classes in around me not the other way round. If I can go I do if not I don’t. You pay a monthly fee, which doesn’t break the bank and go as must as you like. I always think ill try a double class. I’ve not made it yet, I die after the first class and think I’m not sure I’ll make it through another.

I’ve learnt

Find exercise that works for you. I would rather stick pins in my eyes and be in the gym and that really doesn’t encourage you to go. That said others love the gym hence find what works for you. Do it for you and nobody else. You have to want it, if you’re making excuses as to why you can’t exercise then it isn’t perhaps on your list of priorities or something you are 100% bothered about. Trial lots of things and find your best fit. Running works for a lot of people and it’s also free but if you’re like me I can’t run to save my life.

Don’t forget to leave me your recommendations in the comments and anymore suggestions for 30 New Things, I’ve definitely got a load more to go.

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Rach xx


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