30 New Things – Number 1

30 new things – Number 1 – Fly on a private jet.

Fly on a Private Jet  is definitely one of those that I wanted to put on my list but really when in my wildest dreams was it going to happen. I mean come on.

I’d said to John before I’d love to go on a private jet. One of those curious just to see what it looks like things. Not even to be flying it’s just one of those being nosey of how the other half live as John charters private jets for his job.

Cloud 9

Luckiest girl in the world springs to mind but he made it happen. Morning of my 29th birthday we set off on a surprise adventure to arrive at Biggin Hill. Not knowing what was going on but you can imagine I was pretty excited and making all kinds of assumptions.

Along came the pilot and I’m walked out to our own private jet. The excitement levels were off the scale. It was well and truly one of those most amazing experiences of my life moments. Definitely for more reasons than one but you’ll have to come back to read what I’m going on about. Spoiler the clue is in some of the pictures.






Don’t forget to leave your recommendations for more new things. And stay tuned for the next one.

Rach xx



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