September 20, 2017

Tattu Manchester

We have literally just eaten at Tattu, but it was so tasty I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Sadly it’s probably a bit too far away for most of you. However if you’re in Manchester looking for tasty food get this one on your list.

I’ve no idea how to describe the food, John said Chinese but it is far from any Chinese I’ve ever eaten. Google says modern Chinese so I’ll go with that. If you don’t know, the answer is always google it.

The restaurant is pretty and creates a relaxed modern setting with a few quirks like a tree in the middle.




Food is delicious, nothing was heavy or greasey like your standard take out. The portion sizes were great not to over facing but enough that you didn’t wonder who had eaten the other half.





Excuse the lack of decent picture but I was far too busy eating all the food and drinking champagne to spend too much time fussing over them. Plus photographing food ain’t a strong point of mine.

Make sure you leave room for pudding, the chocolate fondant is delicious.


let me know if you check out Tattu Restaurant (they now have one in Leeds too) and leave me your restaurant reccomendations in the comments.

Rach xx


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