July 19, 2020

The Beauty Lust List

Who else has a beauty lust list? I always have my eye on a few beauty bits. When I say a few a mean a list longer than my arm. It’s one of my favourite things to treat myself to. These are a few bits that have caught my attention recently.

Oskia – Liquid Mask

Oskia is a brilliant brand, Georgie the founder goes with what works rather than trend and that shows in the efficiency of the products.

Lactic acid is one of my favourite acids, its multifunctional but less aggressive than Glycolic. It evens the skin tone, softens pigmentation but hydrates the skin as well.

Apply at night and let it do its work. Super easy and fuss free. For more on acids check out my post here. This has my name all over it and will 100% invest soon.

Zelens – Power D

Power D has been on my list for too long. The only reason I don’t own it yet is the price tag. Supporting your moisture barrier is the best thing you can do for your skin. Check out my post here.

This helps restore and protect the skin, replenishing your epidermis, boost the skins resilience and combat free radical damage. It’s rich in lipids that are similar to those found naturally in the skin. Basically its a protective restorative serum that you definitely need in your life.

Olaplex – Bonding Oil

A little hair treat. We all over do it on the heat and or chemicals, lets be honest here. This helps to repair damage whilst protecting against heat damage too. I do love a hair oil and having previously tried in salon and at home products from Olaplex I am confident I’d love this one too. If you don’t like hair oil then run away now.

Summer Fridays – CC Me Serum

Ive not used much from the brand and they are fairly new to the market but when Caroline Hirons says do it you listen. If you’re a little bit more of a blemish prone – acne skin type then be careful with Vitamin C. It can be a little too stimulating. It is also important to buy good quality Vitamin C as it’s very unstable so needs to be formulated well to keep it stable.

Vitamin C brightens the skin, can help even out skin tone and pigmentation and is great for protecting the skin against external aggressors. Its also anti ageing too so a pretty powerful allrounder. This product is also packed with Squalane to help lock in moisture. It’s also cruelty free which I do love to see, it shouldn’t be difficult with the level of technology in the world should it.

What’s on your lust list at the moment? let me know if you’ve tried any of mine and if you recommend anything.

Rach xx

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