June 28, 2017

Summer Skin Essentials

Looking to slot a few new bits into your skincare and makeup this summer? Here are a few things to keep your skin looking gorgeous throughout the summer months.


Body Shop – Skin Defence

If you haven’t got SPF on during the summer months then you’re crazy. Harsh maybe, but honest, and apparently I didn’t want to beat around the bush on that one. Skin Cancer, ageing, you name it you wanna protect against it. Not just in the summer might I add but especially then. If I’m on the beach I’m not as fussed I’ll use what I’ve got but if I’m wearing make up this from The Body Shop is brilliant. It’s very much a water like cream that isn’t sticky or greasy. Which means your make up won’t be affected. Non of that makeup sliding round your face mess. Best of all it’s SPF 50 which is a great amount of protection.


Caudalie – Beauty Elixir

I just love its smell ok. Smell aside, it’s got organic Balm mint in amongst its ingredients which makes it lovely and refreshing spritzed over your face. Whatever time of day even over make up. As an added bonus it’s quite nice to set your make up with or give it a mid afternoon pick me up. Perfect for the summer months when you need a refreshing boost.


Estée Lauder Bronzed goddess Illuminator

It’s not summer with out a little Estée Lauder Bronzed goddess. Ok I’m cheating and bringing out mine from a previous year, shhh it’s kinda the same as this years. Who doesn’t want to look like a bronzed goddess, I mean the clue is in the name and I’m pretty sold. Shimmering gold cheek bones for your bronzy summer look. Or dusted across your collar bones for that airbrushed bronzed healthy glowing body, that the model has, don’t get me wrong it’s not going to turn you into a model, I know I wish too but it does try hard.


Chanel Bronze Universal

If you weren’t feeling enough of a gorgeous bronzed goddess then just add your favourite bronzer. We all know the Chanel Bronze Universal is a favourite of mine. The prefect just add bronzy glow product. If you’re like me and don’t like to tan your face too much you’ll be wanting to add a little colour and this gives you that natural bronze.

Let me know your favourite products for summer

Rach xx

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