January 5, 2020

Most Loved Beauty 2019

My most loved beauty 2019. If I’m honest I’ve not been in the market for spending out on all the beauty this year. Wedding and finishing the house has been our focus, but it’s kinda been a good thing. It’s forced me to use what I have and really get to know what I love and don’t love.

Added bonus when I treated myself in America it made it even more fun because it had been a while. I also only got what I really wanted and had my eye on for a while and it led to some great purchases. Enough of the chat these are my most loved beauty items of 2019…

Medik8 Crystal Retinal 6

I’ve got with this that I don’t know what I’d do with out it. If you’re new to Vitamin A don’t start on 6 they have a 1 or 3. I’ve written a post here. It boosts your cell turn over and therefore increase radiance. It’s anti ageing and well we all want a bit of that. The crystal technology gives the product antibacterial properties, preventing and reducing breakouts. I’m lucky enough not to experience any redness or sensitised skin, whilst using it. My skin has never looked better and trust me it’s had a lot thrown at it during 2019. You can purchase Medik8 at my salon Rachieroo Treatments.

Keihls Ultra Facial Cream

My love. I’ve lost count of how many of these I’ve gone through. If I’m honest it’s a fairly basic moisturiser. In the sense of it’s not all singing all dancing. But it’s hydrating, it’s not too heavy, keeps your skin protected, doesn’t break me out and is just an all around lovely product. It has Squalane which can strengthen and repair your moisture barrier. I love it on top of a treatment product to keep me hydrated and protected.

Becca Highlighter Moonstone

Makeup is so personal. For me I like a glow from my highlighter, I want to see it but it not be too obvious and in your face. I don’t like glitter and I don’t like to see some kind of white stripe on my face. This ticks all the boxes perfectly. I’ve loved it so much I repurchased it. I always buy the Mini because it’s a little cheaper and it last forever anyway. I did have an accident with my new one, who knows where it broke, store or journey from America but it’s in pieces.

Satsuma Shower Gel

Does this count? I’m going with it. The smell is good enough to eat and it does exactly what it says on the tin. We both love Satsuma and always buy the giant ones for the shower. If we can’t get one and have something else it’s never the same. We have it in mini for trips too because yes we are that dedicated to satsuma.

Laura Mercier Powder

I’m a little on the oiler side and like to set things in place. I’m not someone that likes to top my makeup up so it’s gotta stay all through the working day. It gives you a subtle luminosity so you’re not completely flat. It keeps the skin looking smooth. Doesn’t look cakey and keeps everything in place. I use the little poof or Real Techniques powder sponger to press the product into the skin in the areas I need it. I find pressing the product into the skin gives the best finish and longevity.

Final Thoughts

I have loved other things this year but lets not go over board mentioning everything. These are things that I have repurchased and continue to enjoy using.

Let me know what beauty bits you’ve been loving during 2019. Check out my last beauty post here.

Rach xx

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