November 21, 2016

Current Beauty Favourites

It’s the middle of the month so totally not monthly favourites time but I wrote this post and never got round to doing pictures due to being away, I know excuses excuses but I really am stuck on these products so definitely worth a mention. Plus it would be rude to let the post go to waste. So lets go.


Nars – Laguna Bronzer

If you can get past going into Nars and asking for an orgasm or deep throat blush, god who even thought it was a laugh to do that, then you’ll find a lot of great products. Laguna bronzer is an oldie but a goodie but after building my own Nars palette I’ve taken a liking to it again. It’s a great balance of warm and ash. It sweeps beautifully round your face and blends so you don’t have dirty looking splodges. You can get a sun kissed glow using your 3 and E shape or do a subtle contour if you’d like to add shape, it works great for both.

Chanel – Corrector Perfection Concealer

Shall I bore you with this one again? yes yes I should its bloody good stuff. Ive recently purchased a new one and have fallen in love again. It’s the right amount of coverage. The texture is creamy and bendable but not so creamy that it wipes off. Get your beauty blender out, dab a bit on your imperfections and blend your way to flawless looking skin.

Dior – Fix It Colour

I wasn’t sure I would like this, the original didn’t get any attention from me at all. Stop everything and run to your nearest Dior counter. If you have a concern to correct this is gonna be your new best friend. The texture is so light weight its barely detectable. It may be light weight but it gives a good punch of colour to correct your concerns. It stands out from alternatives as you can build product on top. Thicker alternatives lead to creased cakey looking eye bags and blemishes

Dior – Back Stage Blender

I perhaps shouldn’t even think about mentioning this, but it’s become my favourite out of absolutely everything. And believe me when I say I’ve tried a shed load of beauty blenders. This has been discontinued, but you may still find a few left on counters. If you do find one, run and grab it and get one for me, don’t even think about it just do it. They have replaced with an alternative which is quite frankly the worse beauty blender I have ever tried. God some one is gonna shoot me down for that negative comment. I like that it is squishy and works the product into the skin with out the need for water. I sometimes find if I use a damp sponge the wet wipes some of the product off.

Let me know in the comments what you’re loving at the moment


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