April 28, 2022

Arizona Eats

Arizona has a lot to offer when it comes to food. Not only have you got all the American chains that you can’t help but love, but there are lots of great independents too. Arizona borders Mexico and let me tell you, insane.. Yes some incredible Mexican food and not forgetting the Margaritas. Ive split this post into Phoenix and Tucson. We stayed at both locations and being about 1hr 30 apart its going to be down to your location. Drinks included too because we love a good bar.

Phoenix, Arizona – Food and Drink

The Breakfast Club at City Scape

Typical American style breakfasts, all the food. Out door seating and indoor, great service, awful green tea. Sorry but it kills me that I can’t get a decent green tea in America. John had classic scrambled egg, hash brown, crispy bacon and toast, so simple but in my opinion the best one of the trip I had food envy, despite preferring my own. I went for steak benedict. Jalapeño hollandaise, steak, muffin and spinach. I thought that would be it but no, a mountain of spicy potatoes, peppers and onions accompanied and a fruit stack. Needless to say I didn’t finish it but it was a 9/10 for me. Only loosing the point for the green tea.

The Churchill

This is food and drink all rolled into one. Think box park. Lots of containers creating individual bars and places with seating in the middle and a roof terrace. Yummy cocktails, great beers and any drink you’re gonna fancy. We went for StoopKid burgers and let me tell you, WOW. Freshly fried potato crisps, which were not a chip but amazing in their own right. If you know me I love a chip. The most insane filthy burger you’ve ever eaten. Just brilliant. 9.5/10

Snooze and A.M. Eatery

Breakfast tacos, pancakes, American breakfasts, you name it they had it. I went Breakfast tacos John went Beef hash. Great spot, nice food but nothing blow you away. 7.5/10

Matts Big Breakfast

I’m in two minds about this one. John loved his breakfast, I found it too greasy. However We were a pair of complete piggies and ordered a side of pancakes to have with. When in Rome and all that. Bloody hell the pancakes were insane. Im not sure John got to eat any because I was all over them like a rash. Giant Blueberry Pancakes, A blob of butter and dripping in maple syrup. Go for the pancakes. Pancakes 10/10 the rest 6/10.

Pizzeria Bianco

The best pizza in Phoenix, apparently. Great staff, cute restaurant. Yummy food. Was it the best pizza I’ve ever had, no. I think I was put off as they are wood fired and let’s be honest they are easy to burn and yes it was burnt. It just over powered but otherwise I’m sure it would have been a great pizza. Also it was massive. John had pasta and ended up eating half the pizza with me. 8/10

Floor 13 Roof Bar at Hilton Garden Inn

Firstly the view and secondly the drinks.. Some incredible views of Phoenix, I love a roof bar at the best of times and this one didn’t disappoint. The Cocktails were delicious too. They do food but we didn’t try anything. We were actually en route back from dinner and our Uber driver told us about the revolving roof bar on the top of our hotel. Not sure how we missed that but we did and sadly it was closed. One to Check out in the future at Hyatt Regency. Anyway reception sent us in the direction of the Hilton and all was rectified. Only comment, its open so very weather dependant. January is off season and we were cold. 9/10

In N Out Burger

Does this count, I mean you can eat it in most west coast locations. I’m going there, it was my first ever In N Out burger and I had some high hopes. It was nice but nothing to write home about. I’ll take a Shake Shack over In N Out any day. 6.5/10

Tucson – Food

Core Kitchen and Wine Bar – At Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain

Some of the best food I’ve eaten in a long time. Maybe the best steak I’ve ever had, bold but pretty confident with that statement. Ritz Carlton say ‘Regionally-inspired American casual dining’. I loved that the kitchen was open, it’s always a good sign when they are prepared to be on show. The wine list was extensive with a sommelier on hand to help you pick. The food was faultless, the service was very American and exactly how you’d want it. It really was a 10/10 experience for me, only down side was the bill. For more on Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain restaurant click here. 10/10

Street Taco and Beer Co

We went to town on the Mexican food, I’m talking a full day in Tucson, multiple restaurants. They actually have a 23 miles of Mexican food. If that’s not cause for a Taco crawl I don’t know what is. This was my favourite of the bunch. Might have had something to do with the Margaritas, could have also been the cheesy nacho dip. Much more casual, go up to the counter pick and mix your tacos, grab a margarita and chips and enjoy. 9/10

La Chingada

A little tacky on the decor but don’t let that put you off. We shared tacos here because you can’t peak too early on a taco crawl but I’m not gonna lie I wanted to try more. Prawn tacos were delicious, giant prawns and just general yumminess. 8/10


At this point I’m not sure how we were still going but I’m not one to back down from a challenge and a taco crawl can only be that with multiple restaurants. Boca Balls were a highlight for me, cheesy mash balls with all the sauce. John went wild card with quesadillas and it was quite the addition. Tacos were good too but the other two places were better for the tacos. Go for the Boca Balls. 8/10

Ice Cream Hub

Some great ice cream, I wish I could remember the name of the second flavour but everything was great so you can’t really go wrong with what ever you pick. The mint choc chip didn’t disappoint. definitely worth a visit if you’re an ice cream kinda person. 9/10

Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake

It needs a mention because too many slices were consumed during this trip. I was slightly put out by the lack of S’mores cheese cake available but Oreo made up for it. Don’t look at the calorie content just order and enjoy every damn mouth full. 10/10

Ignite – At Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain

Great wine, delcious cocktails, tasty nuts and snacks with your drinks and again some great food. Casual dining, we actually sat at the bar which I kinda love. The bar staff love to chat so if that’s not for you avoid. More tacos because we hadn’t eaten enough of those and chicken wings. Random combo but all really good. 8.5/10

I don’t really think you can go wrong in America. So much food on offer. I hope we will head back to Arizona at some point and will definitely return to some of these places. When you have limited days you just want to sample as much as possible and I feel pretty confident we made a good dent in what Arizona has to offer. I can’t do an America post with out mentioning the millions of Panda Express we ate, Orange chicken with noodles or rice, do it and thank me later.

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See you in the next post

Rach xx

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