April 9, 2019

A Is For Amsterdam

Amsterdam has never really been on my list of places to travel to. There are just a few bits on offer that aren’t really for me. That said I love to try something new so I was more than happy to go along and see what Amsterdam has to offer. Also I was not going to miss one of my oldest friends Hen Party.

So come travel to Amsterdam with me. Keep in mind it was a Hen Party, so these are just a few snippets. I didn’t do much research as we had an itinerary and I was quite happy to go with the flow.

Canals and Scenery

Pretty and quite architectural probably sums up the canals quite well. For me this was my favourite part. Super pretty and beautiful to wander around. There are lots of restaurants, bars shops and there’s a nice chilled vibe to it. Food wise there really is a bit of everything. Same with Shops you have everything from High Street to High End, touristy bits and a few quirky shops. I can’t believe I am writing this on the Rachieroo Blog but you’ve gotta go to Condomerie, it really is so funny.

Bruch Boat

Come on we all know I love a good brunch so Gs was right up my street. They have two locations, one on land and one on a flippin’ boat. How cool is that. Check them out here. This was real good fun, all the girls, a few mimosas, tasty food and sailing round the canals of Amsterdam. What more can you ask for?! The food was really tasty and the guys on board were great. The menu has lots to choose from but obviously you’re on a boat, there is only so much they can do and the kitchen was tiny.

Priced at €42.50 (approx Β£36) Β it’s not bad value. Included in that is your food choice, 1 cocktail and 1 non alcoholic drink, tea or coffee with little sweets treats and your sailing time.

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels

If you don’t love a stroopwafel I don’t think we can be friends. What could be better than a stroopwafel? a chocolate covered one with salted caramel pieces. Erm hell yes please. Van Wonderen is a customisable stroopwafel shop and it did not disappoint. They are freshly made to order unless you are buying a box of pre made minis. Basically be prepared to wait. You pick your topping from a list of options and take it out to eat while it’s still hot. I found this place via instagram but it was worth the instagram hype.

Bubble Bikes

Not actually called bubble bikes but you may be able to guess where I’m going with this one. I’m sorry I’m not sure who it was booked though but it should be easy to find a company that does it. It’s that kinda activity you’ve gotta love on a weekend with the girls or lads. We went for prosecco but you could have beer. Cycle your table round Amsterdam whilst drinking lots of bubbles. We had such a laugh and you got in a little exercise too. If however you’re on a romantic city break this one may not be for you.

Other Bits

We did do other bits like a club and a wander through the red light district. I’m not gonna lie though I found that odd, but you’ve kinda gotta see it. There are museums and plenty of other attractions on offer.

We had a great time and packed plenty of fun things into the 2 days. I would however say I wouldn’t hurry back, there is more on offer to my taste else where. Have you been to Amsterdam before? Let me know in the comments what you thought.

Rach xx

4 responses to “A Is For Amsterdam”

  1. CC says:

    I went to a wedding there a few years ago which had a revolving alter!
    I also remember a pub that was wonky (and not because I was slightly tipsy πŸ™‚ )
    Anne Franks House and the Van Gough museum are all worth a visit! Amsterdam is one of those short break cities.

  2. Emma Lisa says:

    I’ve been wanting to go to Amsterdam for ages – it seems like the perfect place to spend a long weekend! x


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