November 21, 2017

24 Hours In Naples – Florida

We squeezed in a quick 24 (ish) hour whistle stop tour of Naples to our Disney Orlando trip. Why? Because we are crazy, two because it’s one of John’s favourite places and 3 we wanted to look at a Wedding Venue.

Lucky for me I had my own personal tour guide and John planned a jam packed 24 hours of fun, exploring and food… These are all the best bits.

Adventure Starts With…

You can drive from Orlando if you don’t mind 4 hours in a car. If you like things a little quicker you can jump on a tiny plane to Forte Myers.

The adventure had to be done in a Mustang… A great way to catch a little sun while exploring.


Naples has plenty of beach, the kind of beach with super white sand, lots of sunshine and pretty blue sea. Not quite Carribean but not far off. It’s the perfect spot for pictures, chilling, reading a book and soaking up some sunshine.

The Pier is the perfect spot to watch the sunset. It’s calm and romantic.

Food Stops

Chops on 5th Avenue South Naples is exactly my kind of place, if you are veggie or vegan sorry it’s not for you. They do the best steaks and delicious clam chowder. I know so healthy but it doesn’t count when you’re on holiday. It was too dark to take any photos you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Johns fave breakfast spot is Einstein Bros Bagels, and I’m confident they’re the best bagels I’ve ever had. You can have what ever filling you can dream up. I went for egg and bacon stuffed into a garlic bagel. I definitely regretted that later, lets just say I kept the vampires away.

The last food stop, because apparently all we do is eat. Napoli at the Bay. The largest tastiest slice of pizza I’ve ever eaten. Yes I am one of those supposed weird people who loves pineapple on pizza. Personally I think you’re missing out but you know each to their own.


There are a million shops to check out if you like that kinda thing. We may have fallen into a couple for a few sneaky purchases because isn’t that what holidays are for.

I think we did well to cram so much into such a small space of time. We had the most amazing time and I can’t wait to go back for a little longer. If you’ve been leave me your recommendations and favourite spots.

Want more America? Check out Orlando here.

Rach xx

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  1. Pinky says:

    I love pineapple on my pizza too x

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