November 14, 2016

Ulusaba – South Africa

We are all searching for our next adventure, it may not be for the same topic but there has gotta be something wrong if you’re not. My latest adventure took me on a trip to South Africa and one of my highlights was our stay at Ulusaba, Richard Branson’s game reserve. You know if it’s got his name on it then it’s gonna be good and it was exactly that. So incase you are planning a safari or just wanna have a nose through keep reading for all the excitement that Ulusaba has to offer.

Kruger National Park

On arrival at Kruger National Park we quite literally crept through on our way to Ulusaba, just incase we could spot anything on the way and to my excitement we spotted this beauty. img_9284 Hundreds of these cuties, hmm yes you get a little bored of seeing them by the end of your trip. It’s like come on give me the good stuff. img_9290 Before getting to our lodge we were welcomed by Trevor who was our Safari guide for the trip. There was champagne on ice for a quick drink before we jumped into a jeep and headed to Rock Lodge. Definitely my kind of welcome. rsz_img_1315   img_9294


Lodge’s are pretty with amazing views. Comfy rooms with lots of nice touches. Roll top baths with the best views and a personalised Ulusaba rubber ducks. Food and drink is on tap, lots of variety and everything is super tasty. We took full advantage and I’ve come home 20 stone heavier… slight exaggeration.

Note, there are a few bugs, yes they do get in your room. Do not have a heart attack like I did when I found a giant millipede on the curtains. Don’t be put off you can survive, it’s really not that bad. Just FYI.

Spa for treatments if you fancy a little pamper, swimming pool to lounge around and top up your tan, along with plenty of quiet spots for relaxing and taking in the atmosphere. The service is so personal with attentive staff that want you to have the best experience. img_9287

img_9310 img_9636 img_3677




On to the good stuff. We were lucky enough to see the big 5. A special addition wild dogs that are only spotted for approx 15 days a year. Exciting but gross, we were tracking the dogs whilst they were on the hunt and saw them ripping an Impala to pieces. Probs best I avoid posting those pics incase it upsets any one. We also watched 2 hyenas go after a leopard, it amazed me that 2 scruffy dog like animals could spook a leopard. Anyway jump into our safari jeep and have a nosey at some of our finds.

img_9336 img_9367 img_0177 img_9489




Photo taken by – John Creasey


rsz_img_1536 rsz_img_1553 rsz_img_1628 rsz_img_1489

What an unforgettable trip. So many amazing animal sightings and an amazing lodge to stay in.

Rach xx

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