30 New Things – Number 20

30 New Things – Number 20 – Book themed cocktails

This for once will be short and sweet because they all can’t be super big exciting new things. If you like alcohol then keep reading, if you don’t this one isn’t for you.

We love finding new places, somewhere a little bit quirky or where they do things a little bit different.

The Blind Pig

Located in Soho London and serving delicious cocktails with a twist. It’s a themed cocktail bar and I just know you’re as excited as I was. Or not lol.

The drinks are based on famous books. Things like Winnie The Pooh, or the Hungry Caterpillar. Best bit they come out with a few fun extras. Yep you’re not just getting a bit of booze shaken round with a bit of ice and juice. For a full visual head to their instagram because I couldn’t drink that many, sorry guys.

If you’re going during a busy time you can book a table. If you’re going mid week during the day, you probably won’t need to.

Drinks and Stories

There are a whole host of stories to pick from, depending on your alcohol preferences. I went for The Hungry Caterpillar, cos you know, love a tequila. It was delicious, only negative the fruit ice cubes took a while to melt. It was really cool to have a few added extras and make the drinks more fun. It’s not for everyone but I certainly loved it. Yes that is a Colin the caterpillar sat on the top on my drink.

Have you been to The Blind Pig. Let me Know what you thought in the comments.

20 down 10 to go, who’s still with me?  I’m certainly failing the challenge from a time scale point of view but send me some ideas to get me to the end. Check out number 19 here.

Rach xx



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