August 27, 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals

Real Techniques Bold Metals have been around for a little while now. I decided to go about my usual research route to see if they were worth the purchase. The original collection from Real Techniques were great so what else could they do to wow.


The Brushes

You can’t deny they are good looking brushes, ok you can’t judge on looks but pretty is always a good thing. I find application of product is easy. They pick up a nice amount of product. There are so many bristles packed together. The shapes of the brushes suit my needs and have proved to be a winner for me. Oh and have I mentioned how ridiculously soft these are, the bristles are so silky soft they are like stroking a fluffy bunny. No Bunnies were harmed in the making as these babies are synthetic, few.

The design of these brushes seem to be much more a a flat style rather than more of a big ball of bristles. I find this makes application quite precise. The shape, cut, texture and amount of bristles seems to allow for product to be picked up easily but they also blend the product really nicely.



I picked up…

200 Eyeshadow Brush – It may be a little big for some but I am quite happy with the size, the great thing with this is, like a Mac 230 you can pack on colour but it some how remains kind of fluffy to blend the edges like with a Mac 217.


300 Blush Brush – This brush gives for nice and precise application. You can get blusher perfectly on the apples of your cheeks and again you can really blend the product to defuse the edges slightly, which gives you a nice natural look. You can pick up a little product or lots of you wanna be a little bolder with your colour.


100 Arched Powder Brush. Perfect for powder or bronzer, I prefer it for bronzer as it’s shape makes it great for dusting your bronzer on in the classic 3 and E shape.



I am loving these brushes and think they slot in nicely along side the originals. They are a little bit different, making them a great addition to the Real Techniques family. They are obviously more expensive and I do feel not 100% essential, however if you have a bit of extra cash they are great.

I can’t vouch for them all but I’m loving the ones I picked up.

Have you tried Bold Metals? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Rach xx

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