September 12, 2018

Cocktails At The Shard

When you get taken on a day out in London and start at The Shard for Cocktails, you know it’s going to be a flippin good day.

I’m keeping this one short and sweet because I don’t always have to blabber on for ages to update you on awesome places to visit. Don’t all fall over in shock at once. We all know I love a ramble.

Who What Where

Want some details? They might be helpful. The Shard is literally on top of London Bridge station. I know, it’s a pretty convenient location if I do say so myself. Not far to go to get on a train home after a few drinks. Head to Aqua Shard, you’re not right at the top but the views are just as good and you can spend your money on cocktails rather than a ticket to the top. There are a couple of bar levels to choose from we went to the higher level. They have an oriental themed bar with themed cocktails and snacks. The lower level serves drinks but also if you book in advance a Mary Poppins afternoon tea. The cake stand even has the umbrella. Too cool. You don’t need to book for drinks, just turn up. If you want to go in the restaurants you will.


Some of the drinks were a little on the spicy side and not necessarily your traditional cocktail, but tasty non the less. It may put some people off, so just putting that out there. Service was pretty top notch. Please note we did go on a Monday lunch time. We had a little companion with us and the lovely bartender brought him over a fruit plate to keep him entertained. I think thats pretty decent seeing as though for obvious reasons he wasn’t exactly on the cocktails.

The Views are great, the drinks are delicious and I’ll definitely be heading back in the future.

Leave me any great bar recommendations in the comments, I’m always on the look out for cool new places to visit. Thanks to the Sister and her lovely little family for enabling this one.

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Rach xx

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