February 26, 2017

The Body Shop

The Brand

The Body Shop is part of Natura. An in between highstreet and high end brand that have some pretty great values. Famous for their deliciously smelling body products but have more recently upped their game and added some brilliant products to their repertoire. They have you pretty much covered on all categories including skincare, bodycare, make up, hair care, men’s, fragrance and even tools. They are pretty good on ingredients but they are not on the list of we are free from everything.They are heavily involved in fighting animal testing and have been the face of many animal related campaigns. The are focused on being fair trade and are all around pretty fab. Don’t you just love a brand that think about more than just the product.

No bunnys were harmed in the making of these products, few.




It speaks for it’s self. It smells like a Pinacolada and I am more than happy to dunk my whole body in this tasty smelling stuff. The body butter is the perfect travel companion, it will stop your skin drying out like a prune and why not smell like a cocktail.


Sticking with the body theme. I just like to smell good ok! The shower gels are delicious. The scent doesn’t linger with you too much through out the day which is kinda good for me as I’m weird and get a head ache from strong fragrance. Oh and if its something you’re bothered about they look pretty stylish in your bathroom.


The Spa of the World range is a newer addition to The Body Shop and I think it’s brilliant. It’s a great example of how they are mixing things up and producing some luxurious products. The seaweed cream is so cooling and silky feeling it’s perfect for us fussy girls that like something lighter.


I most definitely do prescribe myself a large dose of time with this one. I am a bathaholic, I kid you not I’ve had as many as 3 in one day because of how great they make you feel. Don’t judge I was poorly and the baths were making me feel better. Its all about the scent and the relaxation factor. For me and my needs this is perfect.


Hmm yeah so we definitely have all of this range. I just needed them all because I’m crazy haha but also my skin is a little tricky and I like to work on a few things. These are designed to suite needs rather than skin type making them universal for everyone. Pick depending on your skins mood.

I recently had a huge shock about my skin. So I’ve now forced my self to find a high factor SPF to help save my skin from further damage. This could not be more perfect for a make up wearer. The texture is so light. It sinks straight into your skin. You don’t look like a ghost as there are no white patches on your face and its not sticky. Go and buy yourself a bottle now. Your skin will thank you for it.



I mentioned this one in a recent post The Eyeshadow Edit . It’s nude and we all know that means its got my name all over it. It does the usual, blends, is pigmented, wears well. You know all those things we expect from eyeshadows. You can wear the colours lots of different ways and these compacts come it several colour combinations for those who are more adventurous than me with my nudes.


I love a quirky product, especially when it comes to make up. Boring is just, well boring. The cushion foundation actually surprised me with how much I liked it. It’s light but covers. It builds if you want it to. It’s radiant not ‘wet’ dewy or super dry and matte. As for the shade adjusting drops I mean what a brilliant idea. For the obvious to adjust your foundation colour but for so much more. Endless sculpting and highlighting possibilities. The limits are endless.

Let me know what your favourites are from The Body Shop.

Rach xx

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