May 7, 2017

April Makeup Favourites

Where is the time going, we’re in April already. Time is flying by and I haven’t done a monthly favourites in forever. So you lucky lot are getting one. Ok don’t all get too excited.


Chanel Bronze Universal

How can I not include this one. It got its own post for goodness sake so it had to be included. Read all about it here but basically if you love a creamy bronzer you’ll love this. In fact even non cream lovers might like it because it’s not overly wet feeling and looks beautiful. It gives you a beautiful warm summer glow that I can’t get enough of. I’ve given up trying not to get bristles in the pot by not dipping my brush in it. I don’t like the mess and effort of not. So I’ve accepted I’ve got a bristly bonzer.



Mac blusher

Ive been filling up my Nars palette with all kinds of illegal products for trips when I want choice but to pack light. So while picking up Hush cream base this jumped out and told me I needed it. I definitely did, it’s beautiful. A natural peachy glow that’s super pretty. The pigmentation is perfect and if you wanna go a little ott it builds up nicely too. It has got a glow to it, not chunky with  glittery but it’s not matte. It wears well and is a perfect spring/summer colour. Oh and I probably should mention it’s called Style.


Real Techniques Point L

My first impressions of this were not good. I blame Real Techniques really, I mean who produces a flimsy fluffy perfect blush brush and then expects you to like a different style. It’s much more dense and not quite as flimsy as the other. It’s one of those cases of getting used to a style. So it turns out I love it and now the fluffy one is getting rejected. I know so sad. It’s a perfect size and shape and applies just the right amount of product. It’s super soft and blends the product exactly how you want it. Theres a whole range of these brushes same shape different sizes. This is the Point L. I now need them all. No surprise there.


Let me know what you’ve been loving this month.

Rach xx

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