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Who knew we needed a box of snacks delivered to our door each month?! Ok need is a bit strong but being sent a box of healthy and tasty treats is quite exciting for any foodie. Snacks that you may never have met otherwise. I can more than make my way through a whole load of junk food. I feel quite happy doing it and then feel a little sorry for myself the next day. So I quite like to find tasty treats that are a little bit better for you. It’s great, I can indulge with out feeling quite so sorry for myself.

Sourced box has been on my to do list for quite some time. You know things just get in the way. Rubbish excuse but you’ve gotta order before a certain date. Or I hit my spending limit and think oh ill do it next month. You get the gist.

The Bits you need to know

So I finally bit the bullet and subscribed. You pay £18.95 per month on a subscription basis. This includes postage, there is nothing else added on. No sneaky hidden costs. Now before you roll your eyes you can cancel at any time there are no strings attached what so ever. You can go for a one off purchase but it’s cheaper on monthly. We all love cheaper right? If you change your mind you can cancel at any time.

The snacks are all made from natural ingredients. They are free from refined sugar and if you’re Vegan they tick that box too. The box is a surprise which does make it quite fun. If you are fussy it may make you feel a little nervous. I can assure you from one fussy person to another you won’t be disappointed.

My Thoughts

What can I say, I’m pleased with my selection. I am not even kidding that Rawcha bar was so delicious. I saw Macha and thought hmmm not sure I’m gonna like this. I could of eaten a whole box of them. There is a mix of sweet and savoury. A couple of drink choices too. The only thing I didn’t like this month was the drink, It wasn’t horrible in any way I just don’t like sparkling water. It did have a delicious fruit taste but it couldn’t quite hide that sparkling taste that I’m not a fan of. Well you can’t please everyone can you. There is always one fussy one.

You can check out Sourced Box here.

I’m now off to find out where I can re purchase some of the treats from and can’t wait for my next box to arrive.

Have you tried Sourced Box? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Rach xx


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