June 25, 2018

Shop Your Makeup Stash

Girls it’s time to shop your makeup stash.

Before you think I’ve gone mad suggesting you don’t need to shop for makeup. I haven’t, I’m just reminding you you’ve probably got some awesome bits hidden away and  it’s a free way to refresh your look. It’s also the best opportunity to throw out any products that have seen their best day about 10 times over.

Things To Think About

Start one draw or pot at a time, nobody wants to feel overwhelmed. Rummage through. Swatch the hell out of things, I’m talking turn your self into a full on doodle bear.

Put those bits that get you all excited for makeup again into a pile. Those ones that nobody could even think about making you part with.

Make yourself another pile of things that are still in date, and definitely will use again so totally have to keep them.

Get rid of some old bits while you’re at it. Because lord knows how many out of date pots of makeup we have. Guilty!! I have just thrown away some MAC single eyeshadows that I bought during my college days. I can’t even talk about how bad that is and my god how did I get so old that was 10 years ago.

Swatch products, play with things.

Of those bits you love, that are getting you the most excited. Put them into a makeup bag. Pack everything else away.

Now you’ve got yourself a whole ‘new’ bag of makeup start using it. Show it some love again and actually use up some of those bits that are probably borderline out of date. Seriously how can one person use all that makeup.

This was 100% prompted by a Clinique add. One for their beyond perfecting foundation. I’ve dusted off my bottle and fallen back in love. Kinda figured while I’m here and all that.

Shop My Makeup Stash Picks

Clinique Beyond Perfecting

Product 1 obviously goes to Clinique beyond perfecting. After all that’s the one that prompted this whole post. Full coverage and long wearing, but not in a omg she’s put it on with a trowel kind of way. I use shade 2. Its definitely a bit dark for me but I hate to be as pale as I really am. For a closer look I reviewed this foundation here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lip – Dusty Rose

Gem number 2. I loved the colour but no1 has time for how dry this makes your lips. I haven’t gone mad. I tried it with a bit of that Dior balm scrub thing I love and it whipped its bum into shape. I have to admit it stays on so well and the balm just eases the dry out it causes.

Nars Blusher – Luster

Bronzy blush has recently become my thing and I like to have options. So this is right up my street. Coral/bronze with a golden shimmer through. I mean I’m not sure that description is selling it but it looks beautiful, wears well and applies seamlessly. There is plenty of pigment,  but not too over the top. It’s not patchy, sits well over your other make up and blends in. Application doesn’t disrupt or move your foundation around.

Body Shop – Down To Earth Eyeshadow Palette – 02

Basically those top two colours. Peachy everyday wearable shade with a pretty perfect cool soft matte brown for a little definition through the crease. Not much more to say other than they wear well. There is lots of pigment. No fall out under the eyes and wears all day with the help of a primer. I do use a primer yes, it doesn’t last on me with out it but nothing does. These eyelids are just too flipping oily. Not even cement is staying on them all day long with out a primer.

I hope this has inspired you to shop your makeup stash and to dig out some old favourites and switch things up a little with out a visit to your nearest department store.

Rach xx

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