April 10, 2016

March Beauty Favourites Nars and More

March beauty favourites Nars and more. I love monthly round ups of favourite beauty products because you tend to know that if it’s made it into a favourites then it’s probably gonna be worth taking a look at.. So lets get started.


Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

It won’t be a surprise that this Nars foundation has made it’s way into a favourites. It got it’s own little post and basically I’m still loving it. I won’t waffle on go check out the post here if you want more info, but basically it’s pretty great stuff.


Tom Ford Wild Ginger Lipstick

Tom Ford has started to become the other man in my life, I’m not sure how but I’m yet to meet a product I don’t like. As things are starting to heat up, it’s out with the darks and in the with the brights. Wild Ginger is a gorgeous orangey red that I can’t quite get enough of. The formula is beautiful, the staying power is great and the Colour is just perfect.


Essie Chinchilly

A recent beauty purchase but non the less a great product and one I haven’t taken off. Yes I know you should switch things up but it’s sadly been off with the old coat and on with a new coat. It’s neutral, easy to wear and  goes with most things. The brush is fairly wide and easy to work with. It applies really nicely and has a great consistency. Two coats is enough. It dries pretty quickly and holds out pretty well before chipping. It even lasts with out a base and top coat if you are too lazy to bother. God the therapist in me is telling me off for even daring to mention not using a base and top coat.


Clinique Smart Treatment Oil

Love Clinique’s Smart range, I mean damn right if a girl can do four things at once then my skin care better be able to keep up the pace. If you don’t like oils you may not like this but then again you may be pleasantly surprised like I was. I only use it at night but it’s one of those your skin goes to bed feeling rubbish and wakes up looking great type products. From an instant point of view my skin looks more radiant and feels comfortable and nourished. From a long term point of view it’s helping me out on the spot mark situation so it’s win win. To check out Clinique’s Smart range head to their website here. 


Let me know if you’ve got any product suggestions and what you’ve been loving recently. Especially Nars recommendations I’d love to try out more from the brand. For more beauty favourites click here.

Rach xx

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