Updating your skin care regime

A little while back I came across an article in Vogue about facial cleansing. The article caught my attention because it stated ‘Any cleansing regime that doesn’t include a device is out dated’ A bit of a bold statement but I had just bought a Clarisonic and so continued to read to see if I had made the right decision.



So let’s cut a long story short, after a little bit of research and testing out a few products heres a few points as to why I think ditching the make up wipes and switching to a cleanser and cleaning brush is more than worth while.

  • You get a much deeper cleanse
  • Your skin is cleaner
  • Skins radiance is improved
  • Pores are unclogged
  • The skins texture is much smoother
  • Products applied after cleansing are much more efficient.

For the I don’t have enough time girl ditch those scratchy face wipes that just move dirt around your face, you’re not doing your skin any favours. A cleansing brush takes no longer than a minute and can be done in the shower.

For the girl who loves a good cleanser and skin regime, step it up a notch and experience your best skin yet.

Most cleansing brushes can be used on all skin types even sensitive, unless you have anything such as painful acne or open wounds etc. The Clinique Sonic brush is actually gentle enough to use on the skin daily.

In true beauty addict style I am well and truly on the band wagon with this. My skin has never been happier.

With a good cleansing routine and maybe a good anti ageing cream we will be getting off that slippery slope to old skin in no time

Do you have a cleansing brush? let me know what you think.

Rach xx


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