The Perfect Blush Application

Blush gives your face a little bit of colour and dimension. When you have applied your foundation your face can look flat and un natural. A pop of colour brings it back to life.

Application tips

  • Always use a clean brush, a dirty brush can alter the colour of your blusher. You don’t want a dodgy coloured blush.
  • Pick a colour that compliments your natural flush colour.
  • If you have a lot of redness in your skin avoid anything too red or pink go more neutral or peach.
  • Pick a texture to suite you. Powder can be more matte cream and be more dewy.
  • Blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks, approximately 1-2 fingers width away from the nose.
  • Blush can be blended outwards towards the hair line, this should not be a stipe, the focus is the apple.
  • To keep the blush natural defuse the edges with your powder brush to soften into your foundation.
  • Less is more, start small a build, we’re looking for natural flush not Coco the clown.



Rach xx


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