The crazy world of skincare

With hundreds of brands and everyone saying a mind blowing amount of confusing things, how is it possible to know what to pick when it comes to skin care. Do you go for the natural product, those that are free of parabens, mineral oils and a whole load of other so called nasties, or do you go for the product with major scientific research. The ones where if you read the ingredients you might feel a bit sick because your not quite sure how that can possibly be good for your skin.


My answer pick what works for you and what you are comfortable with. I saw a statement recently that said something along the lines of, they say natural is best but you wouldn’t rub poisoned ivy or dirt into your face, would you? I feel it’s kind of a good point. People always ask me whats best so heres my thoughts. Remember whats good for me might not be good for you, take advice and mix it with what you believe in.

Try to avoid mineral oils, the molecules as too big to be absorbed by your skin, therefore it acts more like a barrier rather than a super nourishing oil.

Take claims with a pinch of salt. Just because  95% of 200 ladies thought their skin had less wrinkles after testing a product doesn’t mean it actually did.

Look for clinical claims. These are ones where tests have been carried out in a lab and there is plenty of proof to go along with the claim. Not a statement from Joe Blogs down the road who quite frankly hasn’t got a clue.

Parabens, another one to watch out for. Dare I say it, links have been made with Cancer. Some times I forget to check and a product sneaks it’s way in that has them in, but where I can I like to avoid. It feels like the safest option to me.

Mix natural with science. I like to try to go for the more natural product, it seems like it’s the way nature intended it but sometimes to really get the results you need a little help from science.

Avoid heavily perfumed products. It might smell better or in some cases not, but seriously smelling like artificial roses isn’t going to do anything for your skin in fact it can be an irritant.

Read reviews. If you are unsure then see what other people think, you do have to remember that products can’t work for everyone as everyone’s skin is different but it gives you an insight into some of the results you may get.

Read about the brand. Most brands have an ethos on their web page. Read it, if you don’t like what they have to say chances are you won’t like their products.

Expensive isn’t always best but cheaper products may be more likely to be full of cheap ingredients that are not beneficial to your skin. Be careful of designer brands that slap a big price tag on simply because they are a ‘couture’ brand.

Ultimately only you can decide what’s best for you but I hope this helps you wade through the sea of beauty products and sends you in the direction of happy skin.

Rach xx


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