Secrets Of The Beauty Hall

If you want to get the best out of a beauty hall in a department store, here’s all the things you need to know. If you thought it was all about just swatching and picking products to buy then you’re all wrong.

  • If you are spending money then you’re almost guaranteed to get some extra little treats thrown in to make your experience a whole lot more exciting. The girls on the counters love to look after their clients and make them loyal because loyal clients return and that means their targets are met.
  • They will always be happy to apply product for you, unless the consultant is a real b**** This service is 100% free and there is no obligation to buy anything. But who am I kidding there are no guarantees you’re walk away empty handed.
  • Foundation sampling. Brands have realised that almost nobody is loyal to a foundation these days but once you find the perfect fit you tend to stay pretty loyal for quite a few years. Therefore lots of counters have introduced foundation sampling. A free sample of your chosen foundation to try and get you hooked.
  • Not all department stores but some have beauty rooms. You can effectively get yourself a free facial. Ok I lie it’s not totally free, they tend to have a 2 or more product purchase rule but it’s an amazing treat.
  • Make overs. Again this is like the facials if you’re buying they are looking after you. It will vary on counter but you can generally get a mini make over for the purchase of a few products. Do not take the mick with this, the girls are not there to do free make overs you’ve gotta be buying.
  • Go in when its quiet, there is nothing worse than being stood on a counter with no customers. If it’s quiet you will have his or hers full attention and you generally get that extra pamper while they are trying to get a sale.
  • Most counters have samples, some are more keen to give them out than others, but often especially at Clarins you can ask about a sample to try something at home.
  • Gift with purchase, this is everywhere and they have become massive. The best I’ve seen was at Lancome where you got a standard gift with purchase for spending £29 and then for an additional purchase you got a full size cleanser and mask. It quite literally was insane.
  • On counter events. This will depend on the girls working on the counters, some like organising events some don’t. If you get to know the girls at your local counter you be able to find out if they do events and you’ll be guaranteed an invite. These showcase new products or looks and there are often samples or treats too.
  • If the counter has an I-pad client system get on it. If you are someone who spends serious cash brands reward you. Clinique and Dior are good at this.




Happy shopping.

Rach xx


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