A Lush Haul

There are some days when you’re picking up a few essentials from lush and you’ve just gotta go a little crazy and buy a whole stash of stuff. Ok you got me they weren’t essential but they were replacements, so that’s ok right. It happened and these are all the lovely things I picked up.

Some Valentine’s Day inspired treats because you know it’s nice to try out the new stuff and how can you resist a few cheesey bits like these. I’m hoping lots of little hearts burst out the bath bomb. As for the bubble bar well it speaks for it self really, emoji bubbly fun.


Some things I would definitely call essential. A firm favourite the Ro’s Argan body conditioner, smells delicious and it works, keeping your skin soft not dry. Dirty Shaving Cream, I’m not sure why the need for the name but it does what it says on the tin, great for sensitive soles and I’m gonna stop there for the fear of getting a little bit TMI. All you need to know is it’s great stuff.



A cute lady bird bubble bar because no bath is complete with out a few bubbles and it was too cute to resist. I picked this up last year, it smells gorgeous and lush like and produces lots of fluffy bubbles, that’s of course if you’re mean enough to break a chunk off him.


If you like lavender you’ll love this. I like it mixed with the Cow Shed sleepy cow calming bath salts to help you drift off for a good night sleep.


This strange looking green blob is a repurchase. Looks odd but is a brilliant body scrub, it’s quite abrasive so if you don’t like that  you’ll want to avoid. I think it’s great because there is no mess you just rub it over your skin, rinse and go.


Finally these random little tea tree tabs. A fun addition to your pamper routine, great before a mask to open your pores. Drop one in a bowl of hot water and lean over. These are not essential and not ground breaking but then again they are only £1. You’ll like them if a facial steam treatment is your kind of thing.


Let me know if there is anything from lush that you would recommend.

Rach xx


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