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Take a look into the Clinique brand with my Brand Directory. Chatting about the bits you might want to know before investing.


Clinique is housed under Estée Lauder Companies. Famous for their 3 Step system. Allergy tested, 600 lovely people get tested 12 times and if one reacts the product is sent straight back, god thats a lot of testing, 7200 tests to be exact. 100% fragrance free which is great because fragrance is a know allergen. They have a whole range of dermatological solutions to help you battle your concerns. Clinique supply us with clinical claims, non of this 92 women out of 100 loved this product so you’ll definitely see a difference in your wrinkles nonsense. Their foundations are packed full of treatment. They are not one of these, we’re all natural and free of mineral oils, parabens etc brands. Clinique have leading dermatologists working with them.

What They Offer

Clinique have you covered on most bases. Skin care, body care, mens, fragrance, make up and sun care. There is something for everyone. They have you covered no matter your age, gender, race shape or size. Something that I think is really great to see from a brand.




Makeup I love:

High Impact mascara – I’m not gonna lie its not the best mascara ever, but it’s just lovely. What I like is you can layer it with out it getting clumpy. It gives your lashes good length and volume.

Lip Pop lipsticks – They have a lovely texture and formula making them a pleasure to apply and wear. They don’t dry out your lips a brilliant added bonus because nobody likes dry lips. The lasting power is impressive especially for the darks and reds, therefore there is little need for touch ups.

Skincare I love

The sun care range – Yes its expensive, but I have super sensitive skin in the sun and always get covered from head to toe in heat rash. I don’t get any when I used this which makes me happy and makes it worth the spend.

Anti blemish clearing gel – It works super quick at healing break outs which is exactly what we all want when a nasty spot pops up. It’s packed full of salicylic acid a great ingredient for combating break outs. Warning do not pick your spot and then apply because it stings like mad, I’ve been there and it wasn’t fun.

Smart eye treatment – It’s a super multi tasking eye treatment with a serum texture that makes your eyes look and feel pretty darn good. I’m hoping its gonna hold off the wrinkles too, so far so good.

Moisture surge melting balm mask. Quite a recent release that’s packed full of ingredients that we are not so scared to read. It’s got a whole load of uses but the jist of it is put it on any thing that is dry. I love it best for my lips and cuticles. It’s not too greasy and isn’t sticky.

Even Better Dark Spot Corrector – It’s main purpose is correcting dark spots but also works well on pigmentation from spots. It’s one of those products that really works. My pigmentation left behind from spots has massively improved and some patches can barely be seen. Do be patient it won’t happen over night.


Not My favourite

The bits I’m not so fussed about: The body range, its nice but doesn’t wow me and its not the cheapest. I do think you can get better else where and for less. Fragrances, they just aren’t my kinda scents. Nothing against them it’s just a personal preference thing. 3 Step, it may be what they are famous for and I have been a 3 step user once upon a time. I just feel not so keen on some of the products and think you can build a very effective regime with the brand with out them.

Rach xx


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