Boots Beauty Emporium

If it’s a fun new concept to do with beauty then I wanna hear about it. So when Boots announced their new Beauty Emporium like a mag pie going after something shiny I flew down to Boots to see what all the fuss was.

Boots Beauty Emporium is a great idea, lots of beauty treats to interact with and make your beauty shopping a bit more exciting, as if it’s not already exciting enough. There are a mix of price ranges and brands opening it up to everyone, yay, nobody wants to be left out. It’s nice and interactive so you can hopefully pick up a few new tips and tricks while you’re there.







Things to discover

  • Build your own make up palette. With eye shadows at £2 each and face products (blush, bronze, highlight, contour) at £3 what is not to love. Palettes hold 6 or 12 depending on your needs. The products I swatched had a nice texture and plenty of pigment. I’ll let you know my thoughts when I’ve had chance to give it a good trial. I also liked they came in individual cases so you can put them back in there if you just want to take one with you.
  • Build a beauty box. Priced at £25 for your choice of 3 trial sized products, packaged in a beautiful pink and grey box.
  • Engraving, pretty self explanatory pick your item and have it engraved. You can literally have what ever you want to personalise your tools or gift. I had my palette personalised and obviously went with Rachieroo.
  • Gift boxes, bows and bags
  • Try on stations
  • Beauty edits for all the latest tips and tricks.
  • Lots of skin care, make up and beauty treats





It is such a great concept I really do think it’s a job well done and could be something really great. It’s perfect for the beauty lover and inviting for the ones who don’t really know where to start. I’m gonna dare to go there and put my opinion out there, as I feel a couple of things could be tweaked. Firstly I went to Boots Crawley, there was no one covering the Beauty Emporium which it definitely needs beauty advisors. Perhaps this was a ‘we haven’t hired someone yet’ situation. I also felt the build your own box could be even better. It consisted of Benefit or Estée Lauder. I would have loved to of seen other brands from the store such as Smash box, Clinique, Lancome and Bumble and Bumble. The price also seemed a little steep for 3 Items if you compare to other build your own beauty boxes. That a side I would definitely recommend checking out your local Boots Beauty Emporium.

Let me know if you’ve beat me to it and visited already.

Rach xx


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