Bluebell Railway

This ‘like’ completely shocked me, I love a Sunday explore around somewhere quirky but for this one you’re gonna need your geek glasses. I shouldn’t joke because I definitely thought of all the blog picture possibilities when I agreed to go, it’s just it’s not my usual choice of Sunday afternoon stroll, or so I thought. The boy like trains and what he likes I’m up for trying. So off we went to Bluebell Railway and I was in for a pleasant surprise.











The whole place is so quirky, it’s like travelling back in time. I love how well everything is maintained to keep it looking beautiful. The staff are dressed in appropriate period attire, I did chuckle at how cute they looked. The place is calm and peaceful, unless they are releasing steam from the train, then you’re gonna jump out of your skin. You can wander round go for a walk in the surrounding country side or even hop on the train to a new destination.

Moral of the story is definitely ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’

Rach xx


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